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UIL is committed to adopt and maintain a total quality approach at every step. Clear cut quality objectives driven by organizational excellence at UIL and our quality culture encourages us to confidently meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.



    UNITOP Internatial Limited is an indiginous Oil and Gas Servicing Company commited to providiing high satisfactory values to our Customers in Marine Service, Equipment Leasing, Procument activities and Engineering Constructions. To be a world class in Oil and Gas Marine Logistics Services in compliance to Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

    The Company ensures continual improvement of the Quality Management System effectiveness to maintain the requirement of the ISO Standard for Customer Satisfactory and Global relevance


    In order to improve the quality of life in host communities, the company shall

    • Establish a Community Development program, which applies World Standard of practice to serve its host communities.
    • Work in partnership with host communities and where appropriate with Government, donors, non-governmental organization, community based groups and other stakeholders.
    • Encourage the full participation of host communities in project planning, implementation and monitoring.
    • Maintain communication with all social segments of host communities in order to address their needs.
    • Focus Community Development Assistance on activities having high impact and broad benefits for the host population.
    • Co-operate and develop interface with the client and third parties to avoid unnecessary delays, shut down and of course unwarranted loss of man hours
    • Prior to mobilization / movement to any locality, pay a visit to the community chiefs and leaders.
    • Report community disturbance or threat to its client without delay..

    The policy in UNITOP group concerning immediate environment is to impact on it AS LOW AS REASONABLY PRACTICABLE (ALARP), so as to achieve a sustainable development in its entire ramification. Implications of our policy are:

    • UNITOP plans and handles all her activities in such a way that her operations will not jeopardize natural resources.
    • UNITOP cares, and prepares Environmental Management Plan (EMP), integrate EMP into project life cycle and will adopt good housekeeping before, during and after our project.
    • UNITOP operates in all projects so as to reduce:
      • Ozone layer depletion.
      • Global warming
      • Occupational/General health problems.
      • Contamination of surface/underground water
      • Flooding and erosion
      • Destruction of aquatic life.
      • Filtration of water bodies.



    To achieve and maintain high standard of protection of life and property as well as proper disposal of wastes generated from our services some which are toxic, UNITOP group shall;

    • Segregate wastes at source using appropriate wastes bin where the need arises.
    • Careful handling of Toxic wastes generated from our services from cradle to disposal
    • Proper completion of waste management guideline as may be directed by our client
    • Adequate Management of wastes from source to disposal
    • Accountability for all wastes generated on proper handling and disposal.
    • Wastes classification and options for reduction, recycling, treatment and responsible disposal



    All staff of UNITOP shall be medically fit and remain fit throughout their employment. The company shall maintain insurance against any liability that may result in the event of any personnel suffering occupational disease or impairment to health.

    Company’s retained clinic shall handle all routine Medicare and emergencies. Health monitoring of all staff shall be a routine affair to ensure the continued fitness of all staff. First aid box manned by a certified first aider will be provided for each crew and base. Records of medicament or injuries treated must be documented.


    UNITOP has it as a policy and function to manage security affairs as an integral part of its overall HSE program and indeed part of the company’s business so as to minimize the number of security related incidents for all staff, clients and third party personnel involved in her operations.

    To ensure the implementation of this policy, the company shall engage adequate number of trained security personnel. The company shall engage a chief security officer (CSO) as middle management personnel who would organize, co-ordinate and implement all the company’s security ideals and programs. All incidents shall be reported to client and the police.

    At project locations, local security men shall be used to protect the company’s equipment and facilities in a bid to forge good rapport between the company and host community. Essential work gadgets such as mobile radios, torches, uniforms, Rain-coats, shall be provided to enhance their services.

    Security policy must be reviewed in site/management HSE meetings. Security training/drills shall be conducted for increased security awareness.
    The chief security officer (reports to the HSE manager) shall be the focal point and act in concert with relevant departments in the realization of set security objectives and targets. He shall develop database for enhanced management of security.


    UNITOP is committed to achievement and implementation of ISO 14001 Targets: This implies that:

    • UNITOP shall comply with the standards of ISO and as well as comply with any other requirements or environmental standards that we set for ourselves.
    • We must identify all clients’ environmental aspects or hazards and put controls.
    • We must prioritize the aspect so that we can concentrate on the ones that have the greatest environmental impacts.
    • We must develop programs and plans to improve our environmental performance based on these significant aspects.
    • We must set environmental targets and objectives.
    • We must monitor, measure, and control emission and discharges associated with the aspects.
    • We must have internal audit and management review program.

    As part of our continual improvement of our Health, Safety and Environment Management System, HSE Audit will be conducted on a regular basis. This is to ensure that;

    • Our HSE Management System remains continuously relevant and suitable to our business activities;
    • Our HSE Management System has been properly implemented and maintained; and
    • Our HSE Management System has been effective in meeting the requirements of our HSE Policy and achieving our HSE Objectives

    The HSE Audit shall NOT BE used as a "Fault Finding Exercise" but as part of the HSE Management System continuous improvement process.

    All those involved in the HSE Audit process shall allocate the time and effort in order to achieve the HSE Audit objectives. Resources will be put in place to ensure the HSE Audit findings and recommendations are satisfactorily closed.


    All equipment will be regularly maintained. All unserviceable equipment shall be Locked Out and Tagged Out (LOTO).

    The objective of such routine preventive maintenance is to reduce equipment downtime and lost time incidents resulting from lack of maintenance culture. Routine maintenance and minor repairs shall be undertaken at the work site while serious maintenance of completely broken down equipment shall be down at the base. Turn around maintenance shall be planned and executed once a year. The aim being to put all equipment in serviceable order for hitch free operation/use. It is mandatory that equipment operators report immediately any break down or faults observed in their equipment. Late reportage of faults shall be met with appropriate reprisals.

    Toolbox meetings on proposed equipment maintenance MUST precede the maintenance work planned for each day. All maintenance crew must be trained and only experienced personnel shall be job place and authorized to carry out maintenance of company equipments.

    All maintenance work shall be carried out in accordance with the Company’s safety maintenance procedures. The maintenance crew must be briefed before each maintenance episode.

    The implementation of the maintenance policy shall be the responsibility of the maintenance Engineer, who would report to the Base/Facilities Manager/Project Manager.

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  • Embedding sustainability aspects into our core decision-making processes
  • Being prepared to address key environmental and social concerns challenging the organization

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